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March 1, 2015


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Magnetic Brain
Steampunk Adventure


GameADES is an independent game studio based in Italy with a passion for videogames. We design our products from the ground up, including hand-drawn art and 3d modeling.



GameADES was founded in 2015 by Alessandro Schillaci, Daniele Sforzin, and Enrico Simonato. After extensive testing of several game engines, we started to use Unity 3D to design Android games, and we released two main games: "Steampunk Adventure" and "Magnetic Brain".
Steampunk Adventure is an engaging platforming-puzzle game with a steampunk twist, robots, and intricate mazes to solve. All mazes are hand-drawn original art.
Magnetic Brain is a simple casual game. The objective of the game is to stick objects to the magnet.

Early history

Between 2006 and 2010, Alessandro and Daniele created some 3D demos using the Irrlicht 3D end Unity 3D engines. After developing these demos, we made the decision to migrate to the Unity 3D Engine. .

In 2004, Alessandro, Enrico started collaborating. Alessandro brings his Electrical Engineering background to design and implement the coding, Enrico is the artist that creates the hand drawings. Together, they make the plot created by Roberto Grassi an interactive fiction game: Little Falls.
Little Falls is a game based on the Inform 6 language with multimedia support, both images and sounds. You can still play Little Falls, simply click here. Android version here



Steampunk Trailer  YouTube

Steampunk Gameplay (2015)  YouTube


There are far more images available for Gameades, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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